How a chronic disease (e.g. cancer) is cured. Here is the Hering’s law of cure:
From above downwards.
From within outwards.
From a more important organ to a less important one.
In the reverse order of their coming.

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Cysts, Symptoms and TreatmentsUpas tieuté

Small pustule on the right lower lid increases in size, becomes hard, and resembles a cyst (thirty-seventh day).

Triticum repens
Chronic cystic irritability.

Tarsal cysts(Ferrum pyrophos).

Silicea terra
Vaginal cysts. [Lyc.; Puls.; Rhod.]
Boils and cystic tumors around eyes and lids.
Serous cysts of vagina.
Menses are associated with icy coldness over whole body and constipation and foetid footsweat.
Boils around the eye and lids, and cystic tumors of the lids, frequently call for Silicea. Especially if subacute or chronic.
When scars accumulate upon the old marks of injury, which takes the form of a tumour.
It reduces indurations of cervix uteri; it resolves serious cysts in vagina; it disperses periuterine cellulitis; it cures amenorrhoea and leucorrhoea.

Sarracenia purpurea
The uterus swollen, as if filled with cysts, with startings and cutting pains, especially on the right side.
The tumour inside the nose i.e. polypus with watery nose and sneezing, the lower part of the nose hardens, with burning sensation inside the nose and headache.

Robinia pseudacacia
Polypoid cysts in the nose, which impeded respiration.
Swelling as if there were an ovarian cyst, especially in the left side of the abdomen.

Plumbum met.
Kidneys – cysts containing brownish serum.
Breasts of ladies increase in size and harden, look unnatural and start taking the form of tumour (Plumbum and Iodatum).

Platinum metallicum
Cystic growths on the womb, uterine fibroids, sterility, dysmenorrhoea, leucorrhoea, menorrhagia, puerperal convulsions, hysteria and neurasthenia.
Tumour is fatty and soft and is present in the breast or any fleshy part of the body.

Icy cold feet. Toes cramp. Blood red spots. Thin, foul, bloody pus. Pyaemia. Yellow spots on abdomen. Jaundice; as a concomitant. Skin burns on shaving. Fatty cysts. Sleepless; eyes won’t stay shut; from internal heat. Sleepy by day, sleepless before midnight. Sleeps in cat naps. Dreams, of fire; lewd. Somnambulism. Congestion to head, lungs, etc. Soft pulse. Coldness in cerebellum; of knees, in bed. Chilly in a warm room; down back. Craves ices, during the chill. Burning heat; local; up back.

Ovarian cysts.

Natrum Mur.
Bladder becomes weak (cystic atony, a part of general tendency in salt to produce exhaustion, not a symptom of paralysis, but rather of neurasthenia); troublesome, dribbling of urine after a normal stool.

Murex purpurea
It is used in ovarian cyst, prolapsus uteri, dysmenorrhoea, carcinoma uteri and in bad effects of abortion.

A valuable remedy for ostitis, periostitis, cystic osteoma, abscesses of fibrous parts and tendons and in tumours of frontal and malar bones. It principally affects the shaft of cylindrical bones.

For women, with chronic ovaritis, salpingitis, pelvic cellulitis, fibroids, cysts, and other morbid growths of the uterus and ovaries, especially if symptoms point to malignancy, with or without sycotic origin.

Lithium benzoicum
This remedy is employed to diminish uric acid deposits and relieves cystic irritation dependent upon an excess of sand in the urine. Deep-seated pains in loins; in small of back; uneasiness in bladder. Gallstones. Frequent desire.
Uterine Tumour and Fibroids. The tumours are soft and fleshy.

Kalium iodatum
It is of signal service in bronchocele, when the enlargement of the thyroid gland is due to hypertrophy, not to cystic formation of to other causes. It is also used in enlargement of the testes and mammae, though with less advantage than in bronchocele.

Kalium bromatum
Cystic tumors of ovaries.
In large doses it has cured ovarian cysts after tapping.
Indurated uterus due to fibroid growths. Ovarian cystic tumours, neuralgia of ovaries, sub-involution of uterus. Menstrual epilepsy when associated with great irritation and nymphomania, the result of much ovarian irritation. Acne simplex and indurata in young, fleshy persons and lymphatic constitutions leaving unsightly marks, thereby causing great mental depression. It also removes the tendency for small boils that come in successive crops over the face, troublesome itching.
Periostial tumour.

Juglans regia
On the arm, not far from the seat of the second furuncle, a small cystic tumor or indurated gland, quite painless.
Bone tumours.

A kind of cystic swelling of the cheek.

Gaultheria procumbens
Cystic and prostatic irritation, undue sexual excitement, and renal inflammation.
When together with other disease, tumours are found inside the uterus, like, when the uterus gets shifted from its place, contracts or expands.
Uterine tumour , due to some reason or other if bleeding starts, and does not stop.

Ferrum Pyrophosph – congestion of brain and headache following great loss of blood; tarsal cysts.

Fabiana imbricata
Tincture, 5 to 60 drops.
This remedy is indicated in cystic irritation, dysuria, prostatitis, which catarrhal discharges.

On the left superior part of the forehead a pain as if a cyst would form.

Equisetum hyemale
This remedy should be studied in the case of those who are distressed with cystic irritation with tenesmus, nocturnal enuresis, dropsy, and renal calculi, and in the dysuria of women where there is frequent urging to urinate. There is a sensation as though the bladder was constantly distended with urine, and there is a constant dribbling of the urine in old men.

Pathological ovaries may be a cause of profuse uterine haemorrhage, especially if the ovaries are cystic; uterine fibroid may be a cause of haemorrhages; malignancy should be borne in mind if the woman is near the menopause.
In cases of profuse menstruation, and abnormal mental conditions, and even mild inanities in young women, there is often an ovarian disturbances, as cystes, that requires surgical procedure, as cystic ovaries are more frequent in unmarried than in married women.
The thyroid is enlarged in hypertrophy, cystic, colloid, adenomata and cancer.

It is a general tonic and has a favorable influence upon renal and cystic catarrh.
This remedy is indicated in sexual neurasthenia and frigidity, also in renal and cystic catarrh.
Renal and cystic catarrh; frigidity of females.
It is on the right breast, or some part of the body after injury becomes hard swollen, then Conium Maculatum is a good remedy.

Cysts in the broad ligament.
Many cases of cystic tumors in the ovaries or broad ligament have been cured by Coloc., especially if the tumors are round and small, associated with pain or with general discomfort, ameliorated by pressure; the patient always wants the abdomen supported by a bandage, and has periodic attacks of severe pain.
Inflammation of ovaries, with great soreness, ovarian colic, etc.
Chyluria; urine is white like milk, coagulates in cold.

Carbo Animalis
Menstruation irregular, body weak, tumour in the uterus with a burning sensation.

Calcarea sulphurica
Serous swellings, cystic tumors.
Soft tumours with torpid glandular swellings.

Calcarea phosphorica
Broncocele, goitre, cysts.
Acute or chronic cysts require this remedy.

Calcarea fluorica
Strumous phlyctemular keratitis. Subcutaneous palpebral cysts.
Ganglion, cystic tumors, from a strain of the elastic fibres.

Calcarea carbonica
Weak heart. Palpitation. Sore chest; breasts before menses. Neck pains, agg. lifting. Chapped hands. Arthritic nodes. ENLARGED GLANDS; cervical, mesenteric, etc. Cysts. Psoriasis. Polypi; nasal, uterine, etc. Skin cold, like a snake. Nightmare. Sleepless; from rush of ideas. Coldness; icy, on vertex; spots on head, or head, hands, knees and feet; of affected part (Led.); objective.
His appearance is one of bloatedness rather than health. The skin is unhealthy. The least scratch suppurates. Eruptions, ringworms, eczema, papules, pustules, acne, blisters, ulcers, encysted tumours, cystic swellings, lipoma and warts are everywhere to be seen. One thing to remember always in Calc. carb., is the presence of glandular swellings. As in Silicea a sister remedy, we find thick crusts forming, the result of dried secretions.

Baryta carbonica
Heart; bruised sore; agg. suppressed foot sweat. Trembling feet. Hot, bruised soles at night.
Cold, foul foot sweat. Indurated glands; tonsils; cervicals, swelled like knotted cords.
Cysts. Lipoma. Warts. Acne. Pulse slow and small. High blood-pressure. Arterio-sclerosis.
Soft tumour in the neck or shoulder.
Uterine tumours.

Chronic pericarditis, valvular diseases, arterio-sclerosis ozaena, lupus, osteitis, ovarian cysts, myomata uteri, are pathological lesions, that offer favorable ground for the action of this powerful drug. Senile paresis.

Arnica montana
This remedy should be remembered when the acute symptoms have subsided to assist absorption and prevent the formation of an apoplectic cyst; also in cases due to traumatism.

Apis mellifica
In the female it is indicated in cases of ovarian irritation when there are burning, stinging pains and soreness in the ovarian region; also in ovaritis when there are paroxysms of severe pain; the ovary is enlarged, indurated, and sensitive, and may undergo a cystic degeneration. Apis has cured simple ovarian cysts; but, when they are solid tumors, its usefulness probably ceases. There is more or less oedema about the privates.
Ovaries numb; tumor of r.; cystic.
Amenorrhoea of puberty.

Ammonium benzoicum
This remedy is indicated in the urinary incontinence of the aged, with cystic irritation and catarrh of the bladder, the urine is scanty, pungent, of a dark red color, is alkaline and there is a thick deposit.



Food – Take light, digestible, nourishing food to satisfy hunger.

Drink – Pure cold water in preference to all other drinks. Ice-water is often

Fruits – Ripe, succulent fruits, possessing little or no acidity (apples,
oranges, grapes, papaya, Melon
..etc )

Boiled milk. Do not use milk from unhealthy cows. Whey. Curd.

Weak black tea.

If any of the allowed articles disagree, they should be avoided , though they
may be perfectly wholesome for others.

Don’t overload your stomach; regularity in time of eating is to be observed.

In case of children at breast, diet of the mother is to be regulated.


Highly seasoned articles.

Packed, canned food. Juices, sauces, junk foods.

Honey and vinegar (when you are sick avoid these). Pickles. Garlic. Onion.
Pepper. Saffron. Nutmeg. Ginger. Cloves. Cinnamon. Mint. Coffee and green tea.
Mineral waters.

Choose toys for your children carefully, many attractive toys make your baby

All perfumery and cosmetics. Hair dyes. Shampoos. Camphor. Strong smelling
flowers. Medicated tooth paste / powder. Chewing gum.

Tobacco (in every form), betel nut, pan-masaala, e-cigarettes.

Domestic medicines. Herb teas. Medicated poultices.

Every medicine except those prescribed by the physician.

Laxatives (castor oil, isabgol, … ).

Clothes – Cotton, silk, worn next to skin is preferable.

Exercise – Moderate exercise in open air for an hour or more according to
health conditions, may be beneficial. Physical labor should be used daily as far
as the strength permits. Your room should be well ventilated.

Do not take homoeopathic medicines too soon after eating, and for about 1/2
hour after taking them it is better to abstain eating, using tobacco, and if
possible much  mental / physical exertion.

Dr. John Henry Clarke passed on to the Great Beyond on Tuesday, November 24, 1931, after a life of extraordinary devotion and usefulness to Homoeopathy.
Books by John Henry Clarke :
Catarrh, colds and grippe,
Cholera, diarrhea and Dysentery,
Clinical repertory to the dictionary of MM.
Constitutional medecine,
Dictionary of Practical MM, (3 volumes)
Diseases of the heart and arteries,
Grand characteristics of Materia Medica,
Gunpowder as a war remedy,
Haemorroids and Habitual constipation,
Homeopathy explained,
Indigestion : its causes and cure,
Non surgical treatment of diseases of glands,
Organon of medecine,
Radium as an internal remedy,
Revolution in homeopathy,
The cure of tumours,
Therapeutics of cancer,
Whooping cough,


This acid, more positively than other organic acidproduces
a profound anæmia followed by
general malnutrition, emaciation,
cough, night sweats, etc. It seems also to produce an immediate
inflammation of some mucous
membranes characterized
a membranous (or plastic) exudation (larynx, bronchi, uterus).

General aggravation by cold drinks. Epigastrium sore.

Third to thirtieth potency. Not to be repeated too often, except in croup.

Acetic acid has the power to liquefy albuminous and fibrinous deposits. Epithelial cancer, internally and locally. Sycosis with nodules and formations in the joints.

Irritable, worried about business affairs.

Nervous headache, from abuse of narcotics.

Eyes sunken, surrounded by dark rings.

Epithelioma of lip.

Diabetes.Intense burning thirst. Cold drinks distress.

Vomits after every kind of food.

Hyperchlorhydria and gastralgia.
Violent burning pain in stomach and chest, followed by coldness of skin and cold sweat on forehead.

Frequent watery stools, worse in morning.


Large quantities of pale urine. Diabetes, with great thirst and debility (Phos ac).

Ammon acet (Profuse saccharine urine, patient is bathed in sweat).]

Nausea of pregnancy. Breasts painfully enlarged, distended with milk.

Cough when inhaling.

Pain in back, relieved only by lying on abdomen.

Œdema of feet and legs.

[Liatris (General anasarca in heart and kidney disease, dropsy, and chronic diarrhœa)]

Burning, dry, hot skin, or bathed in profuse sweat.

Diminished sensibility of the surface of body.

Useful after stings, bites, etc. Varicose swellings. Scurvy; anasarcaBruises;

Hectic, with drenching night-sweats. Red spot on left cheek. No thirst in fever. Ebullitions. Sweat profuse, cold.

Acetic acid is antidotal to all anæsthetic vapors. Counteracts sausage poisoning.


Diabetes; acute inflammation of pancreas; sudden vomiting of white substance, saliva, without any stomach contents.

Glands affected (stony hardness).

Sweats at once on falling asleep.

Pain (pressing, burning, squeezing) from pit of stomach into back and

Liver enlarged and painful.

Vertigo, particularly when lying down or when turning over in bed.

Sensation as of a large foreign body in right half of brain.

Weakness and dazzling of the eyes, together with giddiness and debility, especially of arms and legs; staggers as if drunk.

Violent vomiting that looks like coffee grounds.

Stitches extending from the abdomen to the right side of the chest.

The flow of urine suddenly stops, and continues again after a short

Sexual desire without erections.

Swelling and induration of the testes.

Soreness and swelling of the breasts preceding the menses.

Shriveling of the mammas, with increased sexual desire.

Induration of mammae, uterus or ovaries, with lancinating pain.

Violent, dry, spasmodic cough, when first lying during day or at night, caused
by itching and crawling in the larynx.

Bad effects from suppressed sexual desire, or from excessive indulgence.

Adapted to the debility of old persons, to diseases caused by a blow or fall, and to cancerous and scrofulous persons, with tight, rigid fibre.




Oily nose, greasy taste and fatty stools.


Cathartic and diuretic, stimulating the liver, increasing the flow of bile,
producing nausea, vomiting, etc.

Headache, especially in the forehead and vertex, as if the top of the head would
come off, < coughing, by cold air and on quick motion.

Depressed spirits, debility, pain in the stomach and bowels.

Fullness of the head and heaviness.

Pain in the forehead over the left eye.

Neuralgic headaches, generally one-sided, with gastric
; with blurred vision ; pain
usually begins over one eye.

Neuralgia of the right side, beginning in the infra-orbital nerve, thus
involving the whole face, with headache, etc.

Mouth and tongue feel scalded ; profuse
saliva, ropy.

Heat, smarting and burning, and dryness.

Empty eructations.

Nausea and sour vomiting.

Burning in the epigastric region, with tenderness, vomiting of food.

Flatulent colic, with vomiting of bile and acrid fluid, soreness over the liver,
cutting pains.

Burning after the stool.

Soreness in the anus as from sharp, stinging points.

Distressed feeling as if prolapsed.

Stools watery, with burning tenesmus.

Diarrhœa, watery, characterized by burning in the anus as if on fire and burning through the intestinal canal ; stools generally preceded by colic.

Constipation, particularly associated with gastric derangement, sick headaches, etc.

Dry cough, caused by tickling in the larynx, with dry, smarting or burning
sensation ; larynx sore externally.

Cutting pain in the left side as if the ribs were pressing against the lung.

Sharp tearing ; shifting pains in joints and extremities, particularly in the
right shoulder, where it is < raising the arm, and by motion.

Shifting, shooting pains in the fingers and joints of the hand.

Pain in the left hip as if it were wrenched.

Pain, extending down the left sciatic nerve to the knee, and burning and shooting ; < motion.

Herpes zoster of right side, and other skin affections, associated with gastric derangements, etc.




Hypertrophy and induration of all glands, except mammae.

Eats often and much, emaciates; profound debility.

Cannot stand warmth.

Chronic diseases of pancreas (enlarged; pulsations in abdomen).

Spleen enlarged and very sensitive

Liver affected with white stools.

Vertigo; throbbing in the head and all over the body; tremor of the
heart; fainting; worse immediately after rising from a seat, or bed; or by
sitting or lying down after slight exercise.

Teeth yellow and easily blunted by vegetable acids.

The mammae dwindle away and become flabby.

Membranous, croup, with wheezing and sawing respiration, dry, barking cough;
child grasps the throat with the hand.

Constant heavy oppressive pain in the region of the heart, with sharp,
quick, piercing movable pains, and great precordial anxiety.

Emaciation, skin dirty yellow; great debility and prostration.



Phosphorus is one of the few remedies
known to act on the pancreas (fatty
degeneration, liver etc.).

Stools OILY, like frogs spawn or cooked sago.

Diabetes, Bright’s disease.

Haemorrhages of bright blood.

Thirst for cold drinks, desires ice. Tall slender, fine haired sensitive
persons; fear of dark (< when alone and in the dark), thunder, etc.

Craves cold food, ice cold drinks which are vomitted as soon as they become
warm in stomach followed by violent thirst.

Anxiety in night, < lying on left side; always lies on right side (reverse of

Limbs tremble like Merc.

Eating > all the nervous symptoms.

Thinks much of fine clothes, like Aconite (reverse of Sulphur).

Essentials of cure

Examining a patient we have to see in his/er symptoms for the
mark of a homoeopathic drug, and that essential group that
must either be present , or have been present at some stage of disease.

With such symptoms present , any curable disease , of whatever nature, may be
cured by that drug.

Without which , no disease can possibly be cured by that drug.

Symptom totality indicates a definite drug in all forms of curable disease,
and makes it the only safe and sure palliative in all forms of incurable

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